For more than 20 years your partner in roof coating & roof treatment


For more than 20 years your partner in roof coating & roof treatment


For more than 20 years your partner in roof coating & roof treatment

Roof coating

Dak Liefhebber renovates your roof with a 100% waterproof and solar reflective coating. This revolutionary way of roof renovation is a durable investment in your building. At the same time, you control your current and future accommodation charges, because we extend the lifespan of your roof by more than 25 years.

White roofs

A lot of roofs are covered with black bitumen. Such a dark roofing absorbs 80 to 90% of the solar radiation. This heat can be partially felt inside, as a result of which cooling inside the building is necessary. The use of your air conditioning system causes high energy costs. With white roof coating the indoor temperature is up to 7 degrees lower during hot days.

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To control business costs and yet run your business in a sustainable manner

  • Saving on current and future roof renovations
  • Saving on energy costs
  • Saving on the cost of roof maintenance

Saving on the cost of roof renovation

  • No costs for removal and processing of the old roof covering
  • Cheaper than installing a new traditional roof covering
  • No risk of fire during the application
  • One 100% waterproof already after 2 hours
  • A roof renovated by Dak Liefhebber can do without renovation for the next 25 years

Saving on energy costs

  • White coatings reflect the sun with at least 80%, resulting in a lowering of the inside temperature by at least 5 to 7 degrees
  • More comfortable indoor climate for living and working during hot months
  • Air conditioning systems consume considerably less energy
  • Less discharge of CO2 because of decreased energy consumption
  • Better performance of solar panels as a result of a lower roof temperature (up to 8% higher return with white coatings)

Saving on maintenance

  • 10 years of guarantee, expected service life of more than 25 years
  • Resistant to UV radiation, acid rain, heat and frost
  • Any damage easy to repair by oneself
  • No longer need of a roofer

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